4 Best Sales Training Software in 2023

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    Sales is an integral part of any business. Therefore there is a need for businesses to have the best sales strategy. A sales training software is an online tool or platform built to provide training and development through relevant resources to sales professionals. If you are looking for the best Sales Training Software? Check out our top picks for 2023! 

    Sales training software is important because they offer several benefits including Skill development, consistency in performance, onboarding and ramp-up of team members, etc. These sales training software help businesses to optimize sales and more in 2023. 

    Best Sales Training Software

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    • RAIN Group: Best Overall Sales Training Software
    • HubSpot: Best Sales Training Software for Small Businesses
    • Allego: Best Sales Training Software for Midsize Businesses
    • Lessonly: Best Sales Training Software for Enterprise Businesses

    Performance tracking and analytics

    • RAIN Group provides user’s access to performance tracking and data analytics tools.
    • Centralized benchmarking of your company against competitors.

    Availability of performance tracking and analytics tools.

    Allego offers users  analytics tools with combined intelligent action enablement.

    Lessonly offers users performance analysis and tracking using detailed analytics tools that provide a detailed view of the performance of your business and users.

    Assessment and testing tools

    Rain group’s  assessment and testing tools will help you to help analyze your business sales, while helping you to uncover areas of potential improvement. Through this you are able to   build a growth road map for your business.

    Access to assessment and testing tools, such as quizzes.

    Availability of assessment and testing tools that enable assessment reporting.

    The software provides assessment and quizzes features to users.

    Mobile Accessibility

    Accessible on mobile

    Mobile access is available

    Allego is highly mobile accessible, the platform is a mobile- first sales learning platform.

    Accessible on mobile

    Quick Verdict

    RAIN Group: Best Overall Sales Training Software

    RAIN Group offers robust sales training with a wide range of tools and features to users of the platform. RAIN Group, as a global leader in the sales training software industry, offers everything you need for excellent sales training.

    With the training offered by rain group software, your business is guaranteed to have an improvement in sales execution. With improvement in your business sales comes growth of your business. Hence why we have reviewed it as the best overall sales training software provider. 

    Top Best Sales Training Software in 2023

    RAIN Group logo

    RAIN Group: Best Overall Sales Training Software

    RAIN Group offers sales training that is adoptive of your business ethics. This sort of sales training ensures change happens, and your business gets improved, sales results.  

    Performance Tracking And Analytics

    Rain Group offers company sale’s executives tools and features for tracking team sales performance. Businesses also get analytics tools for analysis of the data from the performance tracking. The analytics tools help businesses make sense of the day from performance tracking. 

    Assessment And Testing Tools

    With the rain group you have assessment and testing tools for effective training and testing of the training outcomes. With the assessment tools comes resources for  quizzes. The quizzes are used for the testing of functionality and expertise of training participants in sales optimization. 

    Mobile Accessibility

    Rain group sales training is very accessible on mobile devices and platforms..

    Cost Of RAIN Group 

    The cost of the rain sales training course is $199/month or more, you may need to consult support. 

    Why We Chose RAIN Group 

    We chose RAIN Group because it provides robust sales training, with some of the best features such as performance tracking and analytics.

    • Sales teams get customized and tailored resources
    • Rain group offers user’s a mixture of onsite workshop working and virtual instruction
    • Getting additional customized features is expensive 
    HubSpot logo

    HubSpot: Best Sales Training Software for Small Businesses

    HubSpot is an online platform that offers some of the best online sales training, to help businesses to scale their sales. The sales training course offered by HubSpot is free and contains a great primer for new and experienced sales reps.

    The course is created to help sales managers of organizations to skill up with the modern sales environment. This course offers details on the sales cycle, from identifying prospects to closing sales deals. 

    Performance Tracking And Analytics

    Hubspot offers users tools for tracking sales in their organization, this is achieved after you have completed the sales training course. 

    Assessment And Testing Tools

    With HubSpot, you can take tests and have your training assessed. The platform allows you to take tests after you have completed the sales training course. 

    Mobile Accessibility

    HubSpot is highly mobile-friendly. With your mobile devices, you can access your sales training course on HubSpot from anywhere you are.  

    Cost Of HubSpot

    HubSpot is largely free to users, especially those taking the sales training course, but you are required to sign up for an account to have access to the course.  

    • You get the course of the inbound sale for free 
    • The inbound sales course comes in various formats including video and quizzes 
    • The period for completing the course is short, under three hours with dedication
    • Not very in-depth with multi-day courses 
    • You need to have a HubSpot account to take the sale training

    Why We Chose HubSpot

    HubSpot is a part of this guide because it is a well-known industry expert and the sales training course is offered completely free of charge.

    Allego logo

    Allego: Best Sales Training Software for Midsize Businesses

    Allego is a robust and intuitive sales training platform. Allego helps sales executives to boost company sales performance for small businesses and several other businesses.

    Allego helps to boost sales performance of businesses by harnessing the power in mobile devices through the use of video content sharing in their sales training. 

    Performance Tracking And Analytics

    Allego offers users robust tactics of performance tracking of their business sales campaign. The businesses can then use the  analytics tool to analyze the data from the performance tracking, this ensures data driven decisions are made always. 

    Assessment And Testing Tools

    Allego offers users on its platform tools for assessment and testing of their sales strategy and training resources. 

    Mobile Accessibility

    Allego is accessible for use on any smart mobile device. 

    Cost Of Allego 

    Contact the support of Allego for pricing. 

    Why We Chose Allego 

    We chose Allego because of its intuitive sales training capabilities. 

    • The sales training on Allego is very intuitive in boosting company sales performance
    • The sales management of the software is great 
    • Substantial growth in sales performance is guaranteed 
    • You have to contact support for pricing
    • The onboarding process can be tedious 
    Lessonly logo

    Lessonly: Best Sales Training Software for Enterprise Businesses

    Lessonly is built as a simple but powerful sales management and training software. Lessonly helps sales teams to get on the top of their sales game for the growth of their company. Lessonly is used by more than 3 million users and over 1000 businesses across the globe.

    Performance Tracking And Analytics

    Lessonly offers a tracking tool that enables team leads to know what each individual team member is learning and how far they have gone on their sales training in real time. With the performance tracking tool team members are forced to focus on their sales training learning task. 

    Assessment And Testing Tools

    Lessonly provides users with sound assessment and testing tools for training and sales optimization purposes. 

    Mobile Accessibility

    Lessonly has a mobile-accessible website and mobile-friendly tools for easy work from anywhere. 

    Cost Of Lessonly 

    Contact Lessonly customer support for pricing options. 

    Why We Chose Lessonly 

    We chose Lessonly because of the excellent sales tracking abilities offered by Lessonly. 

    • Lessonly sales training is highly result oriented and focused and it’s done in a breeze
    • Lessonly allows users to practice real sales job tasks in the learning tool
    • onboarding process is seamless in most cases 
    • Customization is offered by Lessonly
    • Customizable features and tools can be improved upon as they are limited 
    • Organizing and lessons to team members can be cumbersome

    Key Features to Look for in Sales Training Software

    In deciding the best sales training software for your team, you have to consider several factors. These factors ensure that you select the suitable sales training software for your business needs. Here are the main key features to look out for in choosing sales training software for your business: 

    Customizable Training Programs

    Customizable training programs are a key feature to look for in any sales training software. Customizable training provides your business with tailor-made training content and structure, to meet the business’s specific sales needs. Customized training programs also ensure the training received by teams aligns with industry requirements on products, sales processes, and unique challenges. Customized training programs are essential in sales training software for these reasons and more:

    • Adaptability
    • Branding and Messaging
    • Product Knowledge Focus
    • Sales Process Alignment
    • Role-Based Training
    • Continuous Adaptation

    Interactive and Engaging Content

    Interactive and engaging content is very crucial in sales training software. Interactive contents are important because they help to enhance sales training learning experience, and also keep sales professionals actively involved in the sales process. Creating interactive and engaging content goes beyond static text, they include multimedia elements such as videos, and interactive exercises. 

    By creating an immersive learning environment, interactive content improves knowledge retention and increases engagement. This ensures that sales reps stay motivated throughout the training process.

    Assessment And Testing Tools

    Sales training software is meant to include assessment and testing tools. The assessment and testing tool is to evaluate the understanding and progress of sales professionals. These tools range from quizzes and knowledge checks, that help to check for advanced assessments and simulations. 

    Assessment and testing tools provide businesses with a way to measure the effectiveness of the training and identify areas where additional support or reinforcement is required. This is done through the feedback provided on performance. The assessment and testing tools help sales reps gauge their understanding of what needs to be done and guide them toward improvement.

    Performance Tracking And Analytics

    Performance tracking and analytics features help organizations to monitor and measure the impact of sales training on individual and team performance. This feature allows sales managers and trainers to track the progress of sales reps, identify areas that need improvement, and provide targeted coaching and support. 

    In analyzing data and performance metrics, organizations get insights into the effectiveness of sales training programs. With such insights, organizations can make data-driven decisions to improve sales performance. With performance tracking and analytics trainers and managers can monitor the impact of training initiatives on sales outcomes.

    Mobile Accessibility

    Mobile accessibility is a very important feature of any sales training software. Mobile accessibility allows sales professionals to access training materials, and process sales initiatives on the go from anywhere. With mobile accessibility, sales reps can engage with training content even when they are on the go, traveling, or in the field. 

    The flexibility offered by mobile accessibility ensures continuous learning opportunities and also maximizes training effectiveness. Mobile accessibility also caters to the busy schedules of sales professionals.

    AI and Machine Learning Capabilities

    Sales training software with AI and machine learning capabilities offers more personalization in learning and automation when needed. AI and machines can also provide training on adaptive training programs. The AI feature can analyze individual sales reps’ performance data, learn patterns, and preferences to deliver tailored training content and recommendations. 

    AI-powered algorithms can identify knowledge gaps in sales training programs and make recommendations relevant to training materials. Sales training software with AI learning capabilities can provide r -time coaching and feedback, which enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of sales training programs.

    Gamification Features

    Gamification elements in sales training software make learning fun, engaging, and motivating. Leaderboards, badges, rewards, and competitions that are present in gaming features, create a sense of competition and drive participation. Gamification features encourage healthy competition among sales reps, fosters team collaboration, and provide incentives for continuous learning and improvement. Sales training software incorporates gamification to sales training software, to increase motivation, and active participation, and boost overall sales team morale.

    How to Choose the Right Sales Training Software for Your Business

    When deciding the best suitable sales training software for your organization, several factors are considered. These factors are considered, to ensure the software chosen is the best for your business needs. The factors to consider in choosing the right sales training software for your business include: 

    Identify Your Organization’s Need

    Understanding your organization’s specific needs and goals is important in choosing the right sales training software for your organization. Understanding your organization’s needs helps you determine the key areas where your sales team requires training and development. You can identify the gaps in skills, knowledge, or processes that you want the training software to address. 

    Evaluate The Software’s Features And Capabilities

    In choosing a sales training software for your business, a thorough evaluation of the features and capabilities of different sales training software is compulsory. In your evaluation look for sales features such as customizable training programs, interactive and engaging content, assessment and testing tools, performance tracking and analytics, mobile accessibility, AI and machine learning capabilities, and gamification. In your evaluation ensure that the software aligns with your business sales needs. 

    Consider The Software’s Compatibility With Your Existing Tech Stack

    You should assess the compatibility of the sales training software with your organization’s existing tech stack and infrastructure. In doing this consider factors such as integration with your business sales system, and other tools that your sales team relies on. Compatibility is very important as it ensures seamless workflow and data exchange between different systems. 

    Read Customer Reviews And Compare Pricing

    Reading your customer reviews is the best way to know what your customers want in your products or services. You have to thoroughly research customer reviews and testimonials, to gain insight into the experiences of businesses that have used the sales training software you are considering. After reading reviews, compare the software pricing plans to determine if the software offers a good return on investment, based on the features and benefits the software provides.

    Consider The Vendor’s Customer Support And Training Resources

    Customer support is very crucial in choosing the appropriate sales training software for your organization. You have to evaluate the software vendor’s customer support and training resources, to ensure that the vendor provides reliable and accessible customer support channels. You should also find out about training resources, documentation, and user guide availability. 

    These documents will support the effective use of the software. Ensure you get your sales training software, from a vendor that provides comprehensive support and training resources that will bring about a smooth implementation.

    Implementing Sales Training Software: Tips for Success

    If you wish to implement your sales training software, you need to follow these success tips including:  

    Communicate The Benefits To Your Team

    Before implementing a new sales training software, ensure you communicate the benefits and advantages the software brings to your sales team. In communicating the benefits highlight how the software will enhance individual skills and team productivity. Ensure you emphasize how the sales training software aligns with your team members’ career development and growth opportunities. By effectively communicating the benefits of the sales training software, you can generate excitement and buy-in of the software from your sales team.  

    Set Clear Goals And Expectations

    Clearly state and define the goals and expectations of the organization through the implementation of the sales training software. Establish specific objectives such as increasing sales revenue, improving conversion rates, or enhancing customer satisfaction, expected from the sales training to your team members. Communicate the sales training goals to your sales team, so clearly that they will align their objectives with the overall organization’s goals. When you set clear expectations, you create a sense of purpose and direction in your sales team.

    Customize Training Content To Meet Your Team’s Needs

    Tailor sales training content in your chosen software to meet the specific needs of your sales team. Customizing the sales training modules, materials, and resources to align with the industry, products, sales processes, and challenges. Ensure that the training content you provide addresses the skill gaps and development areas identified within your sales team. When you customize your sales training content, your sales team can receive a more relevant and impactful learning experience. 

    Provide Ongoing Support And Resources

    Ensure you support your sales team throughout the implementation of the sales software and beyond by providing ongoing support and resources. Provide training sessions, workshops, or webinars for continued familiarization with the software and its features. You can also create a comprehensive library of resources, such as user guides, tutorials, and FAQs as the team lead. 

    These resources will help your sales team to navigate and utilize the software effectively. Establish open communication channels for sales teams to seek assistance or share feedback. When you provide continuous support and resources to your sales team, it ensures that your sales team feels empowered and equipped to make the most of the sales training Software.

    Continuously Track And Evaluate Performance

    Regular tracking and evaluation of the performance of your sales team using the data and analytics ensures the training stays on track. When monitoring performance, keep an eye on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales revenue, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction metrics. Analyze and determine the impact of the sales training on the monitored metrics and identify areas in need of improvement. 

    Use the insights obtained from the sales training software to provide targeted coaching, and address skill gaps. Continuous tracking and evaluation of performance allows you to fine-tune your sales team’s performance over time.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Business sales require the use of strategy and the best tools for training such as those offered on RAIN Group, and all the other sales training software we have discussed in this guide. Before you decide to deploy the use of sales training software, ensure you consider the features offered such as mobile accessibility and performance tracking analysis. 

    These features and more will provide you and your team the best sales training, for the growth of your business. If you wish to provide sales training to your team, any of the software we have reviewed will provide you with excellent training depending on your business type.