Inc Authority Review: Best Free LLC Service

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    Inc Authority makes it possible for you to set up a limited liability company (LLC) for free. It simplifies the business registration process through its extensive LLC formation services, excellent customer support, and affordability. In this Inc Authority review, we cover its pros, cons, pricing, and features. Find out if the Inc Authority LLC service is a smart choice for your business. 

    Our Verdict

    Inc Authority makes it easy for you to register your LLC, thanks to its all-purpose LLC services, accessible customer service, and cost-effectiveness. The free plan is an ideal match for business owners on a budget, while the paid package is a good fit for entrepreneurs with complex LLC requirements. While both the free and paid plans come with a lot of useful features, just be aware that you need to pay extra for additional marketplace services.

    • Wide range of LLC formation services
    • Exceptional customer support
    • Robust free version
    • Many upselling offers
    • No BBB accreditation yet
    • Paid plan pricing not transparent

    Inc Authority at a Glance

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    Inc Authority is an online LLC service that assists entrepreneurs in the formation of LLCs. The mission of the company is to make business ownership an achievable goal for all. Since it was founded in 1989, Inc Authority has helped establish over 250,000 entities in the U.S. Although it focuses on LLC formation, it also offers other startup services, such as business planning, financial funding, and website design.

    Inc Authority shines among LLC services because its free plan makes LLC setup assistance accessible for everyone. On top of this, it also stands out for its excellent customer support. Its notable features include business name search, preparation plus filing services, registered agent service, and tax planning consultation. You’ll also get documentation, business credit plus funding analysis, Employer Identification Number (EIN), compliance notifications, website plus email, and customer support.

    Who Inc Authority Is Best For

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    Inc Authority is best for business owners who want to save time and money as they set up their own LLC. On one hand, the free plan is suitable for startup innovators with limited resources who only need simple LLC services. On the other hand, the paid package is appropriate for entrepreneurs who can afford to pay for comprehensive LLC services.


    Inc Authority offers two types of plans for business founders who want to establish an LLC. Compare the pricing and features of the two available packages to discover which Inc Authority LLC service is right for you.


    Free LLC

    Starter Business Bundle


    Free services (plus state fees)

    Contact Inc Authority to get a quote

    Business Name Search

    Business name check

    Business name availability verification

    Filing Services

    Basic preparation & filing of documents

    Custom state filed articles

    Registered Agent Service



    Tax Planning Consultation

    State & federal tax planning consultation

    State & federal tax planning plus professional consultation


    Digital storage & delivery of startup legal documents

    Record book & ownership certificates

    Business Credit & Funding Analysis



    Employer Identification Number (EIN)



    Compliance Notifications


    Annual notifications

    Website & Email


    Website domain & business email addresses

    Customer Support

    Standard email & phone support

    Unlimited phone & online support

    To summarize, Inc Authority gives you the option to choose between a free plan and a paid package:

    • Free LLC (free plus state fees): It provides basic LLC services for beginners at no cost. Keep in mind that, while the setup services are free, you still need to pay for the mandatory state fees.
    • Starter Business Bundle (quote based): It comes with advanced LLC services and additional features for power users. Reach out to Inc Authority to request a pricing quote.

    You can select the Inc Authority plan that suits your business needs and budget. Take note that you need to connect with Inc Authority to learn the pricing of the paid package since the information is not available on the official website.

    Inc Authority Features

    Inc Authority includes a variety of practical features that simplify the LLC registration procedure for entrepreneurs like you. In this Inc Authority review, let’s delve into the details of business name search, preparation plus filing services, registered agent service, tax planning consultation, documentation, business credit plus funding analysis, Employer Identification Number (EIN), compliance notifications, website plus email, and customer support.

    Business Name Search

    As a business owner, you must ensure that the name you have chosen for your LLC is unique to your business. The free plan of Inc Authority gives you the chance to check your preferred business name within your state. Plus, the paid package goes an extra step by verifying that this name is still available for use.

    Filing Services

    You need to complete a lot of paperwork as part of the LLC registration process. Inc Authority helps you set up your LLC for free by preparing your entity formation documents and submitting the requirements to the state. In addition to this, you have the option of requesting the LLC service to file your Form 2553 Election by a Small Business Corporation with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If you subscribe to the paid plan, Inc Authority can assist you in preparing custom state filed articles as well, which is crucial because an LLC is formed by filing Articles of Organization.

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    Source: Inc Authority

    Registered Agent Service

    As an LLC owner, you must hire a registered agent, especially if you don’t have a physical business address located in the state where you registered the LLC. A registered agent is a person or entity who is authorized to accept legal documents and government correspondence on your behalf. Inc Authority can serve as your registered agent to lessen your chances of missing legal mail. The free plan comes with free agent services for one year, while the paid package includes the services of a registered agent.

    Tax Planning Consultation

    Inc Authority provides you with tax planning assistance, which is an integral part of financial management, so you can maximize the profits of your LLC. Both plans cover state and federal tax guidance to help you save a bigger portion of your business income. The paid package includes tax consultation for up to one hour with a tax professional. Experts from Inc Authority can answer your questions on tax deadlines, inventory, and deductions.


    Inc Authority aids you in maintaining the legal records of your LLC. The free plan includes the creation of digital copies of your startup legal documents, such as articles of incorporation or organization. A digital copy will be directly sent to you, while another copy will be stored in the client portal in case you need to access it online.

    The paid plan levels up your documentation capacity even further. Inc Authority helps you keep a business record book, which contains legal documents that you need to open a business bank account and perform business transactions. Plus, it stores stock certificates to prove that you own the LLC. The business record book enables you to file, save, organize, and locate important company documents in a fast, efficient way.

    Business Credit & Funding Analysis

    Inc Authority offers business credit and funding analysis services, whether you go for the free plan or the paid package. Experts can review and evaluate your business credit and financing needs. Afterwards, they can recommend potential solutions for your LLC to improve your credit score and financial standing. Business credit services are vital to your business because it allows you to tap into more financial resources you can use to grow your LLC.

    Employer Identification Number (EIN)

    If you sign up for the paid bundle, Inc Authority will help you get your own Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. The EIN, which is also called Federal Tax Identification Number, can be used to identify your business. It is a requirement for entrepreneurs like you who plan to hire employees and sell products or services. Keep in mind that the EIN service is not available with the free version of Inc Authority.

    Compliance Notifications

    Inc Authority ensures that your LLC is properly following the business regulations set by federal, state, and local agencies. If you subscribe to the paid package, you will receive annual compliance notifications from Inc Authority. Take note that this feature is not included in the free plan.

    Website & Email

    Inc Authority will provide you with a website domain for your LLC if you sign up for the paid package. Plus, you will get five email addresses for your business team. Having your own official website and company email allows you to boost brand awareness, generate new leads, and promote your products and services. Just be aware that website and email hosting are not available with the free version of Inc Authority.

    Customer Support

    Inc Authority offers two levels of customer support. If you choose the free version, you can take advantage of INC CARE Support. The support team can answer your questions about the LLC service through email or phone. Live U.S. based support is available daily from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time (PT).

    In case you select the paid package, you can benefit from Inc Success Advisor advanced customer care, which comes with unlimited phone and online support. You can inquire about different areas of your business, including taxes, accounting, IRS audits, state or local business licenses, payroll or business funding, lawsuit defenses, banking, and credit cards. Thanks to the excellent customer support of Inc Authority, you will have unlimited access to expert guidance as you operate your business.

    Alternatives to Inc Authority

    Inc Authority is a viable option for you if you need an LLC service with a free version and if you require outstanding customer service. In case you have other priorities, check out other alternatives which you can consider:

    IncFile logo

    IncFile: Good for Flexibility

    IncFile assists business owners with the LLC registration process. This Texas-based LLC service, which was established in 2004, might be suitable for you if you need versatility. IncFile offers three plans with different price points, in contrast to Inc Authority which only has two available plans. Nevertheless, the free version of Inc Authority includes more services than the free version of IncFile.

    • Flexible plans & pricing
    • Easy to use
    • Requires slightly more work than other LLC services
    • Lacks advanced features compared to similar LLC services


    • Silver: Free + State fee
    • Gold: $149 + State fee
    • Platinum: $299 + State fee
    Northwest Registered Agent logo

    Northwest Registered Agent: Good for Security

    Northwest Registered Agent is a registered agent service that offers LLC formation services. It could be ideal for you if you value security, thanks to its Privacy by Default feature. It protects your company information by reducing exposure and access to your data. Northwest Registered Agent offers tighter security compared to Inc Authority and other LLC services. Still, the free plan of Inc Authority which includes LLC services is superior to the free version of Northwest, which only walks you through a DIY process.

    • Strong security protection
    • Registered agent service is included
    • Free version lacks LLC formation services
    • Less features compared to other LLC services


    • Do It Yourself: Free
    • VIP Service: Monthly fee. Amount based on state.
    • Pay in Full: $225 up front fee
    Rocket Lawyer logo

    Rocket Lawyer: Good for Legal Services

    Rocket Lawyer is an online legal service that provides LLC formation assistance. It may be appropriate for you if you need legal professionals to handle your LLC filing and complete your paperwork. Unlike Inc Authority, Rocket Lawyer gives you access to legal information and affordable representation. However, it doesn’t offer a free plan for non-members in the same way that Inc Authority does.

    • Access to legal expertise
    • Membership includes free incorporation filing
    • No free plan for non-members
    • Costly add-on services


    • Incorporation Filing for Non-members: $99.99 + state fees
    • Premium Membership: $39.99 / month.
      • New members: Free incorporation filing
      • Members: 25% off on incorporation filing fee + state fees

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Inc Authority LLC Service

    Inc Authority is an affordable LLC service that is worth considering if you need aid in registering your company. Learn the answers to basic questions about Inc Authority and LLCs to find out if this online incorporation service and business structure is right for you.

    Bottom Line on Inc Authority Review

    Inc Authority enables you to start your LLC for free. It is a great match for you if you need a handy LLC service with multiple LLC formation tools, solid customer support, and budget-friendly pricing. Now that you have read our Inc Authority review, you can easily decide whether Inc Authority LLC service is a good choice for you or not.