How To Start LLC In Missouri (Guide) 2023

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    LLCs in Missouri offer a wide range of benefits, including personal liability protection, flexible management options, and potential tax advantages. 

    It is easy to open an LLC in Missouri when you follow the legal requirements for opening an LLC in Missouri. But the process may be daunting if you do not follow the right steps for starting an LLC in Missouri. This guide discusses the step-by-step process on how to open LLC in Missouri

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    Pros and Cons of Starting LLC in Missouri 

    Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Missouri is a beneficial option for entrepreneurs who want to protect their personal assets while operating a business. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

    Pros Of Starting an LLC in Missouri 

    Some of the benefits of LLC’s in Missouri  include: 

    Personal Liability Protection

    One of the biggest advantages of forming an LLC in Missouri is that it offers personal liability protection to its members. This means that the members’ personal assets are protected from business debts and lawsuits, as the company is treated as a separate legal entity.

    Tax Flexibility

    LLCs offer flexibility in tax planning, allowing members to choose how they want the company to be taxed. In Missouri, LLCs can be taxed as a partnership, a sole proprietorship, or a corporation, depending on the preference of the members.

    Easy Formation

    The process of forming an LLC in Missouri is relatively simple and can be done online. Additionally, the state doesn’t require a minimum number of members, making it easy for single-member LLCs to form.

    Management Flexibility

    LLCs in Missouri can be managed by their members or by a designated manager, giving entrepreneurs more flexibility in the operation of their business.


    Forming an LLC in Missouri can add credibility to your business, as it is a legal entity recognized by the state. This can be helpful when seeking financing, partnerships, or other business opportunities.

    Ownership Flexibility

    LLCs in Missouri allow for flexible ownership arrangements, with members able to hold different ownership percentages and voting rights. This can be useful for businesses with multiple owners who want to allocate ownership and decision-making responsibilities in different ways.

    Open a Business Bank Account

    Opening an LLC in Missouri provides owner’s with the advantage of opening a business account. An LLC business account helps business owners in Missouri in managing and tracking business finances efficiently. When you decide to open a business account in Missouri, ensure you open an account with one of the best business account providers for LLC’s

    Cons Of Starting an LLC in Missouri 

    Starting an LLC in Missouri comes with some downsides including:

    Fees and Paperwork

    Starting an LLC in Missouri requires you to file articles of organization with the state and pay a filing fee. Additionally, LLCs in Missouri are required to file tax reports report.

    Self-Employment Taxes

    LLCs in Missouri are subject to self-employment taxes, which can be a significant expense for members. This tax includes both the employer and employee portions of Social Security and Medicare taxes, which can add up quickly for businesses with multiple members.


    While LLCs in Missouri offer flexibility in management, they still require certain formalities to maintain their legal status. This includes holding annual meetings, maintaining proper record-keeping, and adhering to state regulations. Failing to comply with these requirements can result in the loss of liability protection and other legal consequences.

    Steps on How to Start an LLC in Missouri 

    Starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Missouri involves several steps, but the process is relatively straightforward. Here are seven steps to follow when starting an LLC in Missouri: 

    1. Choose a name for your LLC

    The first step in starting an LLC in Missouri is to choose a unique name for your business. Your LLC name must contain the words “Limited Liability Company” or “LLC,” or an abbreviation of either. You can check the availability of your desired name on the Missouri Secretary of State’s website.

    Before choosing a name, it is essential to conduct a name availability search to ensure that your chosen name is not already in use. You can search the Missouri Secretary of State’s online database to check for name availability. If your desired name is already in use, you will need to choose a different name for your LLC.

    In addition to choosing a name that is not already in use, your LLC name must comply with Missouri’s naming requirements. The name cannot contain any words that imply that the LLC is a corporation, such as “Incorporated” or “Corp.”

    Once you have chosen a name that is available and complies with Missouri’s naming requirements, you may consider reserving your LLC name. You can reserve your LLC name with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office for up to 60 days by filing a Name Reservation Application and paying a fee.

    2. Appoint a Registered Agent

    A registered agent is a person or entity designated to receive legal documents and official correspondence on behalf of your LLC. You must appoint a registered agent who is a resident of Missouri, or a company that is authorized to do business in the state. 

    In Missouri, an LLC must appoint a registered agent with a physical street address in the state. The registered agent must be available during regular business hours to receive and sign on any important documents. 

    The registered agent’s role is crucial as they are responsible for receiving and forwarding all official correspondence to the LLC’s members. If the registered agent is not available, it can result in delays in important notifications, legal proceedings, and even penalties.

    When appointing a registered agent, it is important to choose someone reliable and trustworthy who can fulfill the role’s responsibilities effectively. Many LLCs choose to appoint a professional registered agent service to ensure that all legal documents and notices are received promptly and securely.

    3. File articles of Organization

    You must file Articles of Organization with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office to officially form your LLC.  The Articles of Organization is a legal document that officially creates the LLC and registers it with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office. To file Articles of Organization in Missouri, you will need to provide information such as the LLC’s name and address, the registered agent’s name and address, and the LLC’s management structure. You will also need to pay a filing fee to complete the registration process.

    The Articles of Organization document sets out the basic information about the LLC, such as its name, registered agent, and management structure. It also sets out the LLC’s purpose and any other specific details that the LLC’s members want to include.

    Once the Articles of Organization are filed with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office and the filing fee is paid, the LLC is officially recognized as a legal entity. This step is critical as it establishes the LLC’s legal identity and protects its members’ personal assets from liability.

    After filing Articles of Organization, the LLC may also need to obtain any necessary business licenses and permits to operate in Missouri, depending on the nature of the business. It is essential to ensure that all necessary licenses and permits are obtained to avoid any legal complications or penalties.

    4. Obtain an EIN

    An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique identifier assigned to your LLC by the IRS. An EIN is required for LLCs with employees or multiple members, as well as for LLCs that elect to be taxed as a corporation. Obtaining an EIN is also necessary to open a business bank account and to file federal and state taxes.

    To obtain an EIN for your Missouri LLC, you can apply online, by mail, or by fax directly through the IRS. The application process is free, and you will receive your EIN immediately upon completion of the online application or within four weeks for mailed or faxed applications.

    When applying for an EIN, you will need to provide information such as your LLC’s legal name, mailing address, and the name and address of your registered agent. You may also need to provide additional information about your LLC’s ownership structure and tax classification.

    Obtaining an EIN is a crucial step in starting an LLC in Missouri as it establishes your LLC’s tax identity and allows you to legally hire employees, open bank accounts, and file taxes. It is essential to obtain an EIN as early as possible in the LLC formation process to avoid any delays or complications in setting up your business.

    5. Draft an Operating Agreement

    Operating agreement is required by Missouri Missouri, but you must not file it with the state. An operating agreement is a legal document that outlines the management structure, ownership percentages, and decision-making processes of your LLC. Drafting an operating agreement is an important step in starting an LLC in Missouri. There are several things to consider in drafting operating agreement, some of which include:

    • Identify the members
    • Outline the management structure
    • Describe ownership interests
    • Define member contributions
    • Outline voting procedures
    • Address member withdrawal and dissolution
    • Registered agent’s name and address
    • Details on the Certificate of Formation
    • Business purpose
    • Member contributions and their ownership percentages
    • Distribution of profits and losses
    • Procedures for admitting new members or removing existing members
    • Management of the LLC
    • Clauses for indemnification and liability

    6. Obtain Necessary Permits and Licenses

    Depending on your business’s nature, you may need to obtain permits and licenses from various state and local agencies to operate legally in Missouri.  The specific permits and licenses required for your Missouri LLC will vary depending on the nature of your business, location, and industry. Common types of licenses and permits include business licenses, sales tax permits, professional licenses, and zoning permits.

    To obtain necessary permits and licenses for your Missouri LLC, you will need to research the requirements specific to your business and location. This information is typically available through the Missouri Business Portal or by contacting the relevant state and local government agencies.

    Once you have determined the necessary permits and licenses, you can apply for them through the appropriate agencies. The application process may involve providing detailed information about your LLC, paying application fees, and undergoing inspections or background checks.

    It is essential to obtain all necessary permits and licenses before starting your LLC to ensure that you are operating legally and avoid any potential fines or legal complications. Failure to obtain the necessary permits and licenses can result in penalties or even the closure of your business.

    7. File Tax Reports

    Missouri LLCs must file their tax report and documents with the Secretary of State’s office. The tax filing is to be done according to how you formed your LLC. Note that single member LLCs and partnerships are treated differently than the LLCs that decide to be taxed as corporations in Missouri. 

    FAQs On Starting LLC in Missouri


    Starting an LLC in Missouri is a seamless process that can be completed in a short time, if you have the required documents. By following the seven steps we have outlined in this guide, entrepreneurs and business owners can form an LLC in Missouri. LLCs in Missouri enjoy the benefits of limited liability protection, flexibility in management structure, and favorable tax treatment. While there are a few cons, the pros of starting an LLC in Missouri far outweigh the cons for many business owners.